Did I hear a HELL YES?

(WITHOUT going insane, slaving over your laptop in procrastination,

or wasting ANY. MORE. TIME). 

So, you want your biz content researched, planned, and ready to bring in clients and sales?

Killer content is KEY to establishing your authority, hitting the home run with clients, and meeting those income goals that are scribbled on your vision board.

Your business NEEDS you to step up, to get out there, and start building relationships with your clients online (without going insane or mainlining coffee to JUST GET IT ALL DONE).

Maybe you KNOW you need to create content but you have a block that's holding you back;

You make a content plan, stick to it, even batch produce some blogs, then discover your daily work just takes up all your time and you are back to square one before you know it; 

You keep reading ALL THE THINGS on how best to reach your future clients and make them fall in love with you, and rabbit-in-headlights doesn't even come close.

The pressure to keep creating STUFF for emails, blog posts, videos and images has you in full on panic mode, LET ALONE even thinking about webinars or opt-ins. Are you kidding? Who has the time?

You do your thing. I'll do mine.

Your biz (and that vision board) will thank you for it.

[Insert here new trend] is the ONLY way to reach your audience.

Blog a year in advance...

This one can visit Room 101 STRAIGHT AWAY - in one year, so much can change in the needs of your clients, in tech, in global news, your own life...EVERYTHING.

This tactic is all about the bulk churn - no allowance for feedback loops, listening to what your clients need, fine tuning to hit home, or for flexibility around your new products.

3 popular myths we can bust right here, right now.

Write a new post every week..

Staying up with trends and knowing about them and how they impact your biz IS important.

However, whichever platform or format you choose, knowing WHAT to say and HOW to say it to hit the home run with your clients will save you HOURS, DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS of throwing the content equivalent of spaghetti at the wall, wondering why your clients aren't buying.

*hands wipes for walls*

The good news is, there is SO much about this myth we can get rid of, right now.

You DON"T need to churn out post after post, week after week.

A handful of epic, well researched, powerfully positioned and thoughtfully crafted content ideas can be re-purposed in SO many ways, meaning you reach your audience wherever they may be lurking, without bombarding the interwebz with more noise that has no purpose.

Your secret weapon just arrived

Life just got SO much easier!

THIS IS YOU: Firing on all cylinders doing what you are EPIC at doing, knowing your content is reaching your clients and making sales.

THIS IS YOU: Your blog posts, opt-ins, webinars, videos, visual content for social, guest posts, all researched, planned, and DONE because you had a system that works (and will work again and again).

THIS IS YOU: Your reputation + influence is growing, you are magnetising clients with ease, knowing EXACTLY what to say and where to say it.

THIS IS YOU: Taking time OFF, or building a new product to reach your goals, knowing EXACTLY what your audience need, and without needing to create post after post with no results to show for it

Content is my thing, and I am trusted

by EPIC people:

2 video ideas, taken from your core bank of posts and with instructions to get going.

Here's how we roll:

A MASSIVE, cover-girl-style boost of confidence knowing that you will be speaking directly to your ideal clients, with ease, and that your content will be bringing in new leads and sales for you 24/7. Boom.

This is the Killer Content Capsule.

A quick and easy work session sets the scene before I go away and work my magic.

2 webinar ideas, re-purposed from 2 of your posts, complete with instructions.

A toolkit to replicate the process again and again .

You learn my super simple, scaleable content capsule approach to work smarter, get seen, and blow up your business.

Wait, what?!

Your content plan mapped out for you with a plan + toolkit to do it all again? #nobrainer

Personalised research on what your customers are already asking + which keywords will boost your SEO.

I dig into my brain and what your clients are already asking to create a killer content capsule plan.

6 blog post ideas ready to roll, which form the basis of the rest of the capsule.

2 opt-in ideas (one low-cost teaser, and one lead magnet), re-purposed from 2 of your core posts + instructions on how to get it done and dusted.

Lifetime access to the Killer Content Academy (worth $495)

The Killer Content Academy is my INCREDIBLY powerful toolkit for content creation, with modules from both myself and 25 guest experts.

I deliver your plan, complete with how-to's, explainer videos, and a step by step process for you to replicate over and over again.

The content capsule plan contains:

1 x 1:1 call with me to dig into your business, and to teach you how to implement it all.


Investment: $749.00 (usually $1111)

Ready to roll?

Booking NOW for June/July 2017 (limited spots)

I started following Jo a month ago (ok it was stalking 😉 ) her knowledge and experience hit me the face and I knew I needed her unique skills and talents in my life. This was EXACTLY what I was looking for, to up my content game. She made it sound fun and easy. Then. THE CONTENT CAPSULE happened. This ladies and gentlemen is a GAME-CHANGER 💪🏻What??! An easy fun framework, that's fun, achievable and going to keep me winning clients! I love my capsule sooooo much. I feel so focussed and have a renewed clarity about my core message. When I get super clear, my potential clients can really buy in, trust and keep coming back. LOVE. - Heather Jones, The Brain Trainer

Here's EXACTLY what happens when you book:

Click the button to send an enquiry and my team and I will check availability.

I email you back with available dates, we agree on one, and I send an invoice for 50% to hold your date.

The remainder of the payment is due before our start date (and yes, payment plans are available!).

I give you some quick and easy homework to dig into your biz, your clients, and your story and tone of voice.

I work my magic, and within days your killer content capsule is back with you via email with swipe files, how-to's, personalised research and plan, PLUS access to the Killer Content Academy.

We jump on a 1:1 call, where I walk you through the process, and teach you how it all fits together (and how you can replicate the system again and again).

As seen in:

You can also opt to have the 6 blog posts written for you to get the process going. Price on request when you book.

Learn to create authority building content that opens doors, builds your list, positions you are a leader, and drives traffic to your site like crazy.

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